Thank you for taking part in this important process of our 2022 Annual General Meeting.  A member entitled to vote at a meeting of Members may vote by secret ballot or by absentee secret electronic ballot.

For active members who are unable to attend the AGM on June 23 in person, we welcome you to complete the form below to vote electronically for the Elected Elder nominations.  The electronic votes will be tallied and included in the in-person vote at the AGM.  Please note your name and contact information will not be included on your ballot and will only be used by the Church Clerk for the purpose of identifying your membership status at Redeemer City Church, Orillia.  Only your vote results will be presented to the scrutineers who will tally the in-person and electronic ballots.

If you would like to also review our Annual Report, Financial Statements, 2022/2023 Budget and other information, please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Levi.

2022 AGM Absentee Ballot

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