There are several options listed below for you to be able to give your tithes and offerings online if you are unable to attend Sunday morning services; please look through the options below. If you have any questions, please contact our bookkeeper Kathleen Atkinson or call the church office. We appreciate your gifts of tithes and offerings to further the ministries of Redeemer, both locally and globally.

Option #1: Give Through Online Banking

You can give your tithes and offerings online through your banking app; we are set up with all major banks and credit unions to enable online giving.

Please complete the form below to be assigned an account number so that you can add Redeemer City Church as a payee and give your tithes and offerings any time, in the same process as you pay a bill through your banking app.

Once you have your online giving account number, you can log into your banking app, click on ‘Pay a Bill’, and search for ‘Redeemer City Church, Orillia’ to add us as a payee (some banks require our full legal name including the comma after ‘Church,’).  Once you add in your account number, you’ll be all set to give anytime.

Option #2: Give Through E-Transfer

You can e-transfer to the email address  Please be sure to include either your mailing address and phone number or your online giving number on the memo line if you would like to receive a donation receipt at the end of the calendar year.  No security question answer is necessary, you can leave that field blank. Please note we are not responsible for misdirected donations due to inputting an incorrect email address on e-transfers.

Option #3: Offering Envelopes

You can complete the request form below to receive offering envelopes.  Your offering envelopes will be delivered to you at our Sunday morning service, or you can pick your envelopes up at the Redeemer office during the week – visit 575 West Street South, Unit 3A.

Offering Envelope / Online Giving Account Request

Fields marked with * are required

Please enter your mailing address so that we can send you a donation receipt at the end of each calendar year.
Indicate if you would like offering envelopes, an online giving account number, or both.

Option #4: Give Through Breeze

You can give your offerings through Breeze, Redeemer’s Church Management System.  Just fill out the donation form below with your debit or credit card information; you can either set up a one-time or a recurring payment (please note a per transaction processing fee applies).