Motive: Why we do what we do

Some years ago John Stott wrote,

"The highest of missionary motives is neither obedience to the Great Commission (important as that is), nor love for sinners who are alienated and perishing (strong as that incentive is especially when we contemplate the wrath of God…), but rather zeal-burning and passionate zeal-for the glory of Jesus Christ…Only one imperialism is Christian… and that is concern for His Imperial Majesty Jesus Christ, and for the glory of his empire."

This is the reason we are involved in missions.

> Our inaugural budget set Missions at 10% of our total budget.

> Our desire is to increase this annually to eventually be at 20% of total budget.

> We also work towards balancing our local and global giving on a 50/50 basis.

> Overflow of income over expenses is to be allocated to Missions.

Redeemer is committed to praying, supporting and ministering with our trusted partners around the world as we all seek to bring glory to God by making disciples of all the nations. We do this through a number of ministry partners.

Meet our Local Partners:

Redeemer Community Outreach

Directly through our own ministries, we seek to reach out into our community. We do this through Camp Redeemer (Bible Day Camp), skating nights, BBQs at local parks and events at our Sunday service location, 505 Gill Street (Orillia Christian School property).

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse exists to guide the vulnerable out of life's storms, provide physical needs (food and shelter), give spiritual hope (based on Christian beliefs) and point the way to wellness (connecting and anchoring their clients into the community with permanent, safe housing). More information can be found here.

Mile 1 Mission 

Mile One Mission is an exciting new reality that is passionate about gospel renewal in Newfoundland and Labrador.  Mile 1 believes that church planting is at the heart of gospel renewal.  As a strategic church planting hub, their vision is to provide financial and logistical support towards a long-term, consistent, and integral church planting method, allowing carefully chosen church planters to focus on the task of building Gospel-centered churches, while Mile One mission and its partners provide the resources for their task. Mile One Mission is seeking help from partners across Canada and around the world. You can find more information here.

Meet our Global Partners:

Kingsview Sponsorship Program in the Dominican Republic

The vision of the Kingsview Sponsorship Program is to see the lives of poverty-stricken children, orphans, and widows transformed by the grace of God, while broadening our Christ-centred model for international implementation. The mission of the Kingsview Sponsorship Program is to share the love of Christ by serving the poverty-stricken children, orphans, and widows in the Dominican Republic by providing the necessities of life through sponsorship and designated projects. More information can be found here.

Uttermost International in Southeast Asia

Uttermost International exists to proclaim God’s word and His love to the uttermost by educating children, empowering churches, and impacting communities. You can read more about Uttermost here.

Voice of the Martyrs (Persecuted Church)

Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) ministers around the world connecting Christians as one church, no matter the level of persecution.

VOM's vision sees a world where all persecuted Christians are remembered and supported within the body of Christ. Their mission seeks to glorify God through serving His persecuted church, as they seek to fulfill the words of Hebrews 13:3.

"Remember the prisoners as if chained with them – those who are mistreated – since you yourselves are in the body also."

You can read more information here.

For further information or to help with getting prepared for involvement in our Missions ministry,  please contact Pastor Levi at the Redeemer office.