We Will Not Be Shaken

I want to ask you a simple question: what do you think you need to hear at the start of this uncertain year? What do you think is it that God would want to assure you as you
start this year?

I am going to put forth that God would have you see a FRESH VIEW OF HIS GREATNESS. You need to catch a glimpse of His might and power. You need to see that though EVERYTHING else
seems to be falling apart, HE REMAINS THE SAME. That’s what you need. And boy that is what I need!

Psalm 46 serves us perfectly it was a song of confidence for God’s people who had reason to feel shaken. They like us, needed to be reminded of who their God was, what He had done, and what He WOULD do. God knew that His people needed to hear those truths time and time again to quell their fears.

Psalm 46