Jil Koller

God saved Jil when she was four years old, and has blessed her with wonderful Christian leadership throughout her life and a loving Christian husband. Jil completed her Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, Masters of Education, as well as the course work for her Ph D in Education. She is a trained teacher and reading specialist. She loves children and is happiest in their company (most likely because she is just a big kid herself, her words, not mine). Her favourite chocolates are After Eight. She lives on a steady diet of bubble mint gum, soda water, and lactose and soy-free meals (she’s allergic to soy, and intolerant to lactose…and bad behaviour! my words, not hers).

Jil loves to tell Bible stories, teach the gospel, and train others to do the same. She considers it the greatest privilege to be included in the Lord’s work of reaching the lost and discipling those He has saved. Currently, Jil homeschools her four children and facilitates the Kid’s Ministry program at Redeemer. She considers it both an honour and great responsibility. It is her prayer that every child at RCC have lifelong perseverant faith – “but the one who endures to the end will be saved”. – Matt 24:13.