Kathleen Atkinson

Kathleen serves as the Bookkeeper and Administrative Assistant at Redeemer City Church and Cornerstone Baptist Church. She also likes to balance out the numbers with more right-brain interests like tinkering with graphic design.

Raised in Orillia since the age of 4, she came to Christ at an early age and grew up in the church with her Dad, Mom and two sisters. Kathleen is always encouraged by her favourite scripture that details the work of Jesus’ redemption and our confidence in deliverance laid out in Psalm 40. He has set our feet on a rock and a new song in our mouths, of praise to our God.

Kathleen loves to come alongside our pastoral and ministry staff in carrying out the behind-the-scenes, detailed tasks that help make things run smoothly at Redeemer. In her free time, Kathleen enjoys giving free advice to her wonderful husband John and two amazing children, Jack and Marley. She also loves taking her dogs for hikes in the woods, gardening and just being outside in the sunshine, enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.