Life Together

Event details

  • Thursday | September 22, 2022
  • 5:30 pm
  • at the Orillia Christian School property 505 Gill Street Orillia

All are welcome to our midweek program this fall, called Life Together. This program has something for EVERYONE of all ages; we’d love for you to join us. This will be a wonderful time to gather for fellowship and studies, for Bible lessons, worship, and doing life together regardless of your age or stage of life.  Life Together will run throughout the fall on Thursdays at the Orillia Christian School.

Potluck – 5:30-6:15pm // Life Together Program 6:15-7:15pm

Come on out for a meal and fellowship, and play time for the kids! Even if you’re unable to bring a dish, we’ll have lots of food to share.

The regular program then runs from 6:15-7:15pm so if you aren’t able to join us for dinner, we’d love to see you for the program part of the evening.

Life Together has kids and youth programs, and the nursery will be open to little ones also.

For men’s and women’s ministries, we alternate each week: there is a women’s study one week while the men fellowship together and participate with the kids’ programs in the gym. On the alternating weeks the men’s study will run while women fellowship and participate with the kids’ programs or sit with other families in the gym. Adults who don’t have younger kids can volunteer in other areas on the alternate weeks their study isn’t on, or we encourage you to sit and fellowship with families in the gym for the main kids’ program.

We also want to focus on inter-generational relationship building with our church family, and would love to see all ages coming out to fellowship with one another, getting to know one another and being fed from the Word of God.

Even if you haven’t been to a Life Together evening before, now’s the perfect time to come out and get to know each other.