Prayer Service for Afghanistan

Event details

  • Thursday | August 19, 2021
  • 7:00 pm
  • Orillia Christian School Property 505 Gill Street Orillia, ON

This is an urgent call to prayer for Afghanistan and in particular our Christian brothers and sisters there. The situation is horrendous and worsening by the day. Church leaders have received notices from the Taliban saying they know who they are and that they are coming for them. It has also been reported that many of the believers expect to see Jesus face to face in the next two weeks.

Redeemer family, we must pray for them, daily in our prayer times but together as well. We are going to devote a prayer time to this matter on Thursday evening at 7:00pm in the field at the Orillia Christian School property. Given the gravity of this situation, we would encourage as many of you as possible to fast and pray this Thursday.

Please come and bring the family and your lawn chairs.